William C. Clyde

Professor of Geology
Department of Earth Sciences

56 College Rd./James Hall 328
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824
ph. 603-862-3148
fax. 603-862-2649
e-mail: will.clyde@unh.edu

Courses Taught:
     ESCI 402: Introduction to Earth History
     ESCI 652: Paleontology
     ESCI 7/856: Geotectonics


I am fundamentally interested in Earth history.  I am particularly interested in how climate change, tectonics, and other geological forces have influenced mammalian evolution and shaped the terrestrial sedimentary record.  Recently, I have been trying to understand the causes and consequences of Paleogenehyperthermal” events.  These are short-term, large-magnitude global warming events characterized by significant perturbations to the global carbon cycle that had wide ranging effects on continental and marine ecosystems.  I use a multidisciplinary approach to address problems and have experience with a variety of paleontological and geological techniques, including magnetostratigraphy, phylogenetic analysis, morphometrics, and stable isotope geochemistry. I have worked throughout the Rocky Mountain region, as well as in Asia (Pakistan, Kazakhstan, China), Africa (Egypt), and South America (Argentina, Venezuela).

Research Projects

Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP)

Paleocene-Eocene climatic and biotic evolution

Stratigraphic and faunal response to initial collision between India and Asia

Stratigraphy in phylogenetic analysis

UNH Paleomagnetism Laboratory


Data sets from publications

Full CV (PDF file)


Below is a list of past and current graduate students that have worked with me, with some links to research projects.

Kaneen E. Christensen Sediment Facies and Faunal Abundances
John A. Finarelli - Hominoid Phylogeny
Eric P. White - Paleoclimate Indicators Using Spelothems, Belize
Intizar H. Khan - Eocene Stratigraphy of Baluchistan
Walid Hamzi - Magnetostratigraphy of the Bighorn Basin
Erin Fernald - Evaluating morphological rates of evolution using cladistics

Kaori TsukuiPaleomagnetism of volcanic ash deposits in the Green River Basin

Rebecca Dodds LeCainMagnetostratigraphy of the Hell Creek Formation, Garfield County, MT

Julianne BatchelderPaleomagnetism of the Kittery Formation

Abigail D’Ambrosia – Continental climatic and ecological change across ETM2 and H2 hyperthermal events

Timothy Barnum – Magnetostratigraphy of the San Jorge Basin, Patagonia, Argentina

Jeremy Riedel – Magnetostratigraphy of the Wind River Basin, Wyoming



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